The Monson Community Garden

original painting by Elaine Carlin

General Information

About the Monson Community Garden
Established 2011, just in time for the tornado and Snowtober. Founder, and guide through its formative years, was David Ramsey. Parking is at 33 Ely Rd, Monson MA.
News and Announcements
  • Garden Cleanout Oct 7–9. Traditionally we've closed up the Community Garden on the 3-day Columbus Day weekend. So, in keeping with that tradition, the weekend of October 7,8 and 9th will be Garden Cleanout deadline. You can do it earlier if you choose, but on Tuesday the 10th we'll start roto-tilling and prepping the Garden for winter. That'll include planting our winter cover crop after tilling, so this is a time-sensitive operation.
  • Everything needs to be cleaned out, including any garden plants and weeds large enough to tangle up in the roto-tiller. Take up your fencing and put it away for the winter. If there are fence posts or stakes that belong to you take them home as well. If you ended up with any of the white-tipped steel fence posts those belong to the Garden and we'll use those again next season, so please put those inside the tool shed.
  • Garden Winterization Oct 10– Anyone who can spare some time during the 2 or 3 days after Cleanout weekend, please let David know as we'll need as much help as possible getting the Garden put to sleep for the winter.
Application Form
Here, for reference, is the application form for the 2017 season, to be downloaded and printed, then filled out, signed and mailed with a check. All plots are now claimed for the coming season.
Information and General Guidelines
These are the rules you're agreeing to follow when you sign your application, revised for 2017.
Plot Assignment Map
This is the plot layout for 2017 as a hand-drawn map by Dave Ramsey. Note that North is down, so you're looking at the garden as if you were standing at the parking lot.
Upcoming events: Garden Cleanout Oct 7–9, followed by a coupla days of roto-tilling, cover-crop sowing and generally prepping the Garden for winter.

Facilities and Equipment

toilet Porta-potty
We're lucky; not every community garden has this. There are, of course, alternatives once your crops are tall enough.
water Irrigation System
Again, we're lucky. For one, we have water on tap. For two, we deliver that water directly to the garden, with a faucet at the corner of every four plots.
Storage Shed
We have a lockable shed filled with gardening tools. Every gardener gets a key for the season.
A 4-cycle Mantis tiller is in the shed for everyone's use. Lessons are available from Dave or other fellow gardeners. Easy to operate and a huge help in preparing your beds as well as weeding your paths.
We now own a vintage Ingersoll tractor with attachments for mowing, cultivating, rolling and spreading. Volunteers are always welcome at the start and close of the season!


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