Ted's Photo Album Manager

Coping with Large Photo Archives

Theodore Ruegsegger

Getting Digital

Cartoon of guy uploading digital photos to laptop, then storing laptop in a shoebox in the crawlspace


Easily handles large photo collection (tens of thousands)

Relational database management system:

Plays nicely with image-editing tools

Features, cont.

Maintains images in three sizes:

Normally, renders albums on-the-fly, but can export a complete album for upload to a website or burning to a CD/DVD

Works with any browser

Multiple simultaneous users


Depends on other software like Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL

Expects particular configuration choices

Takes some geekiness to set up

Unless you need a custom configuration, take the easy way

Easy Installation

It makes sense to dedicate a computer (real or virtual) as a photo server.

In that case, use Easy Foto Box:


Start with distro already installed. For this demo:

Browse to Easy Foto Box at
and do what it says, namely

  1. Log in.
  2. Download the installer:
    wget http://www.tux.org/~tbr/easyfotobox/install.sh
  3. Run the installer:
    sh install.sh
  4. Photo Album Manager is ready to use.


  1. Import a folder of sample photos.
  2. Manipulate the photos individually and as a set.
  3. Assemble an album using selected photos from the set.

[Post-presentation note: if you wish to repeat the demo from my Jan 5 2008 presentation, here are the instructions.]

Demo Summary

Installed Photo Album Manager using Easy Foto Box.

Assembled a photo set.

Edited the set and the images therein.

Demonstrated searching and tagging.

Assembled an album.

Displayed the finished album.

BTW, everyone on the network can use it simultaneously. Browse to
$Url"; echo $Link; ?>


Both Photo Album Manager and Easy Foto Box are at:

Easy Foto Box instructions have copy-and-pastable commands to do it all.

Photo Album Manager has extensive documentation and sample albums.