Time Travel



I frequently experience temporal displacement in small increments, approximately fifteen to thirty minutes at a jump.

This may well be a natural, if hitherto unacknowledged, human ability. I discovered this phenomenon without looking for it; in fact, I believe I experienced it many times before I realized it. Perhaps this happens to others, too.

In every instance of time travel, I observed the following conditions:

  • I am entirely naked.
  • The ambient temperature is elevated.
  • I am inside the temporal displacement chamber with the door (or curtain, in some chambers) closed.
  • At the moment of the jump, my mind is occupied with some routine task.
  • There is no direct perception of time travel, except through coincidental external events, until I leave the chamber.
  • The direction of travel is consistently forward, that is, into the future.
  • After the jump, my hair squeaks.

Some conditions occur frequently, but not always:

  • After a long jump, the ambient humidity is typically very high, even saturated.
  • An unusually long displacement may be accompanied by a sudden, sharp drop in temperature.

If you have had similar experiences, or if you have some explanation for this phenomenon, please let me know! Send me an email.

Ted Ruegsegger Free Software Foundation Associate Member # 33