A Monson Treasure:
Our Community Garden


These are the photos from a presentation by Dave Ramsey and Ted Ruegsegger to the Hearts Willing Club at the First Church of Monson, April 27, 2016. Thanks to all our fellow gardeners for their beautiful gardens and all that we share, and especial thanks to gardener Pam Wentworth for contributing some great photos of her garden with her kids.

All the pictures are on the following pages. Click the small images to see them larger. Click the left and right edges of the large images to step through a whole page as a slideshow. For printing or editing, fetch the high-resolution full-size image by clicking the Full-Size link at the bottom right of each large photo.

Individual pages:
1. Previously on…
2. Why Have a Community Garden?
3. A Community Garden Offers…
4. A Community Garden is Beautiful
5. Our New Workhorse
6. The Rewards
7. We're Not Alone
8. Faded but Still Beautiful

Ted Ruegsegger
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