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PhotoTrove Updated 24 February 2024
Digital cameras, smart phones—what to do with all those pictures? PhotoTrove keeps track of it all so you can find photos and videos easily, arrange them in albums and conveniently publish them. Install in a physical or virtual machine using EasyPhotoTrove, or just run the Trovester appliance.
EasyPhotoTrove Updated 27 November 2023
PhotoTrove is a GPL application for managing large collections of photos and videos. Since it makes sense to dedicate a computer for this purpose, I've developed an installer to make this as easy as possible. No system administration skills required!
Trovester Updated 01 August 2023
The easiest way to try PhotoTrove, just a virtual machine built with EasyPhotoTrove, configured to use shared folders with the host machine (say, a laptop) and exported as an "appliance". Just install VirtualBox, import the appliance, point it at your shared folders, and run (details in the PhotoTrove User Manual). You can also build your own Trovester from scratch, using these instructions.
Coping with Large Photo Archives
My 2008 NOVALUG presentation about PhotoTrove's predecessor.

Development Resources

Automatic Backups with rsync
Build a backup server, set up automatic backups of all your home machines, sleep soundly.
Compiling a Linux Kernel Using Debian's kernel-package
My notes on how to do it right, thanks to my colleagues in NOVALUG.
Database Conversion Tools
Convert tables from one DBMS to another
Testing Web Applications using Selenium and Selenium IDE
My notes on these wonderful utilities. This is what I use for regression-testing my web applications.


EWOK Updated 22 May 2022
An interactive graphic program for synthesizing a particular class of mechanisms called four-bar linkages to produce specific coupler motions. Now working and documented.

Odds and Ends

Breeding Endangered Monarch Butterflies Updated 01 September 2022 (final)
The magnificent monarch butterfly is now endangered, dependent upon a rapidly diminishing supply of milkweed and beset by predators. The chances of an egg hatching and its larva surviving long enough to pupate are tiny, so we can give them some help.
Pawpaws Updated 28 December 2023
My notes on finding, harvesting and growing this fantastic native American fruit.
Yes, really.
First Harvest
At the community garden, a curse turns out to be a gift.
Monson Community Garden
When we lived in Monson, MA, I was the de facto webmaster for the thriving community garden there, and some of my content (presentations, recipes, how-to articles) is still on the website at its new location.
Repairing the Magna-Latch Series 2 child-proof gate latch
In very cold weather, moisture can freeze and immobilize the latch. The right response is to wedge a screwdriver under the catch, but most of us just pull on the top handle, which breaks it internally. Here's how to fix that.
Remington Safety Dog Vest
A frustrating disappointment, so close to perfect.
Stop the Blinking Lights! HVAC Calibration for 1996-2000 Chrysler Minivans
Took me a while to find the answer, so I'm sharing.
Time Travel
My personal notes on this occasionally annoying phenomenon.
That Spinning Cylinder Updated 18 April 2023
Another curious phenomenon.
Zilla's Wheels, now Amphibious
Despite a degenerative myelopathy all too common in boxers, Zilla loves her walks and her swims, and now she can still have both.

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